Carving Connections

An independent study workshop with Amber Imrie

In Carving Connections, we will be following the threads through our practice, into our community and out into the world. Everything is connected, but to see through the chaos we must move with clarity, intention and passion.

Over five months we will engage in exercises to further illuminate your authenticity through your art. We will focus on strengthening your daily art practice routines to build resiliency, confidence, and self-assurance. This will include helping you identify what opportunities and institutions are right for you. Discovering and learning how to harness new technologies to give yourself more time for filling your creative cup and making art. We will also be connecting with our fellow global artist community through peer to peer feedback sessions and discussions. Every month, small exercises & assignments are given to help artists dig deeper into their practice and uncover hidden truths. We will also discuss professional practice topics as they pertain to the interests and needs of the cohort.

Our Independent Study Program consists of Five Class Sessions (Always recorded), Five Peer to Peer Feedback Sessions (30-40 mins per student, per session), Three 1-1 Mentoring Sessions (30-40 mins each), & One Culminating Showcase (Public Facing)
Session Type Descriptions:

Lecture / Discussion - 2 hrs
Once a month, these group gatherings will tackle information that applies to the group as a whole. Topics for these lectures will be based on foundational TAAS theories and tailored to the cohort through the specific needs and interests you share through your intake form. Monthly lectures will include presentations, special guests, breakout discussions, and exercises.

Cohort Feedback Sessions - 2.5 hrs
Once a month, you will meet in smaller groups of 4. Within these sessions, you will use compassionate critique strategies to help clarify, problem solve, and brainstorm your projects forward. Each month, you will have 30-40 minutes of direct feedback from your peer artists. Peer artists groupings will be constructed from the information you share on your intake form.

1-1 Mentor Meetings - .5 hrs
You will have three 1-1 mentoring sessions for 30-40 minutes each. During this time, you can ask questions, get feedback & personalized coaching advice. During your enrollment period you will select your 1-1 mentoring sessions times.

Culminating Showcase - Public facing & shared across our social networks
At the end of the Independent Study Program, TAAS will host a virtual showcase of the work and projects completed. At the beginning of the program, you will be asked to set your goals for this showcase. The showcase can include but is not limited to, online exhibits, virtual performances, video/ film screenings, artist talks, performative lectures, or other alternative strategies for digital showcasing. The showcase will be open to the public, shared on social media and through our newsletter.

See our inaugural cohort's exhibitions here:

Monthly Lectures & Feedback Sessions: Saturdays 12 - 2pm
Mentor 1-1 Sessions: TBD (this will be scheduled with you during enrollment)

Enrollment deadline: July 3, 2024

July 13th - Nov 23rd

12 - 2pm ET

Students Max

$300 per month
with a 5-month commitment* & Autopay

Redneck, 2021 photography & performance
Amber Imrie, Isolation can Insulate or Suffocate, 2018 archival pigment ink on cotton, batting, sewing thread / 58 x 73x 5 in - 185 x 147 x 13cm
Bootstrapped, 2021, Video/Performance
Clean, 2015, Video/ Performance
PinkPitsRedNecks, 2019 archival pigment ink on cotton, sewing thread / 30 x 52 in - 76 x 132 cm

More Classes

Live online classes with the world’s best artists and curators

Making Art: Making an Art Life

An independent study workshop with Nato Thompson

In this 5 month independent workshop, we are encouraging artists to sign up who want a course that operates in parallel to their artistic practice. This course will offer feedback and workshops on your art and offer a variety of methods to consider where it could lead to. In addition to both peer to peer and instructor-led feedback, the workshop will also consider a variety of methods for getting your art in front of a variety of audiences. And finally, we will consider the spiritual and mindful techniques available for artists to allow themselves to be both vulnerable and resilient as they pursue the magical, but difficult, life of an artist.

Meaningful Marks Intensive

Contemporary Painting Workshop with Erlin Geffrard

Meaningful Marks is a contemporary painting workshop, wherein you will learn contemporary painting techniques, theory, and principles while exploring the power of marks to convey meaning and emotion in your artwork. In this course, you will create three paintings that build on the skills and concepts covered in class.

Professional Practice for Artists Intensive

with Lexa Walsh

In this 2-week workshop, we will move intently toward building our professional practices as artists. We will cover the many ways to be in the Art World(s), and how to get there: Goal Setting, Grants, Budgets, Pricing, Residencies, Open Calls, Artist and Project Statements, Elevator Pitches, CVs, Documentation, Websites, Networking and Promotion, and the importance of Community. We will share tips and strategies to help define and finesse each of these, by identifying our audiences, contexts, processes, research and challenges.