The Alternative Art School

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Spoken Spaces: A Poetry Class for Artists

with Vashti DuBois & DaSaint

In this eight-week course co-facilitators Vashti and DaSaint invite participants to create poetry inspired by spaces that speak. Participants will engage in being and seeing themselves in those spaces and speak back through poetic prose. We invite participants to explore the various spaces we call home, rather known or unknown and speak of its story in a poetic format.

Only Collectives Left Alive

Dmitry Vilensky of Chto Delat

It is no exaggeration to say that in recent years the world has entered a situation of profound uncertainty, when factors of climate catastrophe, new wars, the sharp impoverishment of people, mass migration, the extinction of more and more animal species, the unprecedented acceleration of virtual communication, the impoverishment of cultural language have become a constant background for the production of culture and art.

The Magic of Manifesto

with Epiphany Couch

Why make art? Why share it with others? What is the importance of an art community? What are your goals and intentions as an artist? How can you turn these into reality? Through work sessions, guest lectures, guided writing, and more, this reflective and collaborative workshop will explore the importance of defining our intentions, motives, and views as artists. In addition to drafting our own Creative Manifestos to guide our future practice, we’ll discuss practical tips, tricks, and resources for how to stay dedicated to our individual manifesto tenets as well as how to start finding our “happy place” in the art world and art community.

What is the Alternative Art School?

When it comes to art, the question is not how do we make better art, but how do we make a better society? We at The Alternative Art School believe in a form of art that grapples with the lived experience of being an artist from rent to work. Rather than throwing a student out into the world hoping that the global landscape of business and art galleries takes them on, we want to equip them with the tools to consider and produce alternatives. 

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