The Alternative Art School

Live online classes with the world’s best artists and curators

Something out of Nothing

Experiments in Quick Thinking and Quick Working With Mark Dion & Lenka Clayton

The class would focus on brainstorming and problem solving to materialize conceptual solutions to site specific art making problems. The methodology would be fast paced, down and dirty and rather fun.

At Home in the Body

with Janine Antoni

This class will be part laboratory, part playground, part archeological dig: a place to relate, to connect, and to honor difference. Where are we politically, geographically, and culturally? Where are we in terms of our gender and belief systems? How does this affect our making?

Art, Climate & Land-Use

With Amy Franceschini

The Agripocene* course will look at different forms of art and activism that address issues of land use, climate change and environmental justice with a focus on strategies of collaboration, durational approaches and methods for developing unconventional partnerships to realize the unthinkable.

Projection/ Memory/ Monument

with Krzysztof Wodiczko

The course, Projection/ Memory/ Monument, will introduce the participants to the process of development of artistic concepts and proposals for the interior and outdoor projections that examine, engage, and transform the meaning of the forms of existing environment such as domestic and workspaces as well as architectural, sculptural, and natural monuments.

What is the Alternative Art School?

When it comes to art, the question is not how do we make better art, but how do we make a better society? We at The Alternative Art School believe in a form of art that grapples with the lived experience of being an artist from rent to work. Rather than throwing a student out into the world hoping that the global landscape of business and art galleries takes them on, we want to equip them with the tools to consider and produce alternatives. 

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