The Alternative Art School

Live online classes with the world’s best artists and curators

Culture of Nature

with Mark Dion

Mark Dion will lead conversations and investigations into The Culture of Nature, but this course will focus on artists who explore animal issues.

Overstory: A colloquia on practices of listening and doing in community

with Raqs Media Collective

‘Canopy’ draws its name and disposition from the practices of gathering, in joy, togetherness and anger, that the world has witnessed and is witnessing – in varying intensities over the last decade. It finds its form in the colourful tent canopies – shamiyanas – that marks places like Delhi – as shades to gather under. Occasions when people, often strangers, met face to face, sang, had conversations into the night and asserts their claims to space and time by being together. These moments and places reflect on how impulses move and moves many, and ruptures the settled rhythms of living and moving.

Carving Connections

with Amber Imrie

Over 5 months, in Carving Connections we will follow the threads through our practice, into our community and out into the world. Everything is connected, but to see through the chaos we must move with clarity, intention and passion.

What is the Alternative Art School?

When it comes to art, the question is not how do we make better art, but how do we make a better society? We at The Alternative Art School believe in a form of art that grapples with the lived experience of being an artist from rent to work. Rather than throwing a student out into the world hoping that the global landscape of business and art galleries takes them on, we want to equip them with the tools to consider and produce alternatives. 

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