Rebecca McGee Tuck

“I’m Rebecca McGee Tuck, I’m a student at TAAS…and I’m here to say… How much I love it and what a great experience it is for me to be apart of this global art community”

Sandrine Schaefer

“After I got my MFA it became harder to find opportunities to study in community with people, which is ANOTHER thing I found at TAAS”

Ozan Atalan

“The Alternative Art School for me is a place where I expanded my knowledge and network in an international environment”

Clark Stoeckley

“I would definitely recommend TAAS to anyone looking for a boost of inspiration or a way to connect with other artists around the world…”

Quynh Lam

“This is utopia, where everybody learns from each other and can share their work with artists around the world.”

Heidi Voet

“[Few Online events let you] interact and engage over several weeks with some of the most exciting artists and curators.”