At Home in the Body

with Janine Antoni

This class will be part laboratory, part playground, part archeological dig: a place to relate, to connect, and to honor difference. Where are we politically, geographically, and culturally? Where are we in terms of our gender and belief systems? How does this affect our making? We will start with the experience of our body, focusing on its function as tool and receptor. We will explore embodiment and the boundaries between inside and outside. We will investigate the veil that we look through and how that affects what we see. We will hone our receptivity. We will understand witnessing not as a passive act, but as a call to action.
What is the meaning in the making? What is intuition? How do we nurture the creative process; how do we trust its unfolding?
What is your calling?

Office hours: Mondays 1:00 - 3:00pm EST - Each student gets a 1-1 studio visit with Janine.

Sep 14th - Oct 26th

1 - 3:30 pm EST

Students Max


Janine Antoni is a visual artist who was born in Freeport, Bahamas in 1964. She received a BA from Sarah Lawrence College and an MFA from the Rhode Island School of Design. Antoni has been featured in numerous international biennials including documenta14, the Venice Biennale, the Whitney Biennial, the Johannesburg Biennial, the Istanbul Biennial, the Kwangju Biennial, the Prospect.1 Biennial in New Orleans and the SITE Santa Fe Biennial. Antoni is the recipient of several prestigious awards, including a MacArthur Fellowship (1998), John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation Award (2011), Creative Capital Grant (2012), and Anonymous Was A Woman Award (2014).

Her most recent major exhibition, I am fertile ground, was presented at The Green-Wood Cemetery, in Brooklyn, NY in 2019. Antoni currently resides in New York and is represented by Luhring Augustine Gallery, New York, and Anthony Meier Fine Arts, San Francisco.

Janine Antoni is known for her unusual processes. Her body is both her tool for making and the source from which her meaning arises. Antoni’s early work transformed materials like chocolate and soap and used everyday activities like bathing, eating, and sleeping as sculptural processes. She carefully articulates her relationship to the world, giving rise to emotional states that are felt in and through the senses. In each piece, no matter the medium or image, a conveyed physicality speaks directly to the viewer’s body.

Janine Antoni, I Open The Gates, 2019, Mixed media gilded with 24 karat gold leaf, Courtesy of the artist, Luhring Augustine, New York, and Anthony Meier Fine Arts, San Francisco, Photo: Ralph Smith.
Janine Antoni, Lick and Lather, 1993, Complete set of fourteen busts; seven in chocolate, seven in soap, Courtesy of the artist.
Janine Antoni, To Compose, 2015, Polyurethane resin, Courtesy of the artist.
Janine Antoni in collaboration with Anna Halprin, Paper Dance, 2013, Performance with brown paper, Courtesy of the artist.

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