Gendered Performance Intensive

with Alicia Framis

Gender inequality is the subject of public debate. Everywhere in the world, real calamities are happening, dead women, anti-abortion, homophobism, issues that already seemed solved - from one day to the next has eroded, and we have lost our space in freedom. How do we put our convictions into practice, and go from theory to action, now?

In genre performances we can once again gain space and visibility in a poetic, realistic, sustainable and emphatic way with our society.

GENDERED PERFORMANCE focuses on practice rather than theory, since it is through action in art that we can understand our artistic practice and progress. We will learn from the others in the group, knowing that social relations shape our historical, social, cultural, religious, economic and sexual contexts.

Jan 24 & 26th, Feb 7th & 9th

Tuesdays & Thursdays
12 - 2:30 pm EST

Students Max


Alicia Framis is a contemporary artist living and working in Amsterdam, Netherlands.[1] She develops platforms for creative social interaction, often through interdisciplinary collaboration with other artists and specialists across various fields. Her work is project based and focuses on different aspects of human existence within contemporary urban society. Framis often starts out from actual social dilemmas to develop novel settings and proposed solutions.[2] Framis studied with the French minimalist artist Daniel Buren[3] and the American conceptual artist Dan Graham[4] and her work can be located within the lineages of relational aesthetics, performance art, and social practice art.[5] She represented the Netherlands in the Dutch Pavilion at the 50th Venice Biennale (2003).[6][7] She is currently the director of an MA program at the Sandberg Instituut in Amsterdam, Netherlands[8] and a lecturer at Nebrija University in Madrid, Spain. In 2019, Alicia Framis was awarded with the Lucas Artists Visual Arts Fellowship 2019-2022 in California.[9]

Framis’s work has been presented widely at museums, galleries, and public spaces throughout the world. Her works are included in the collections: Hirshhorn Museum Washington, Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam ,[25] MUSAC, Castilla y Léon,[26] Museum voor Moderne Kunst Arnhem ,[27] La several Frac in France,[28] Ullens Center for Contemporary Art, Beijing, El Museo del Barrio New York, Philadelphia Museum, Modern Art Museum Tokyo among others.

Still from The Walking Ceiling, 2018
Still from LifeDress, 2018
Still from LifeDress, 2018
Lledia - Still from video
8 de junio libran las modelos, 8th june the female models are free, Madrid 2005

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