Creating Digital Art: From Media-Rich Poetry to AI and Blockchain

with Sasha Stiles

This 2-week immersion in the crypto art ecosystem empowers artists and writers to unlock the creative potential of the blockchain, through lectures, tutorials, virtual field trips, and insights from leaders in the NFT space.

Sasha Stiles is a first-generation Kalmyk-American poet, language artist, and AI researcher probing the intersection of text and technology. Widely recognized as a pioneer of generative literature and blockchain poetics, her work has been featured by MoMA, Art Forum, the Washington Post, Christie's, Art Basel, Gucci, Poets & Writers, the Lumen Prize and the Future.Art.Awards.

Enrollment deadline: August 6, 2024

August 13th - August 22nd

Tues / Thurs
1 - 3pm ET

Students Max

$1,250 New Student
$1,000 Returning Student

Sasha Stiles Book, Technelegy
Sasha Stiles, installation view of “Ars Poetica Cybernetica,” a solo show at ArtYard, February-March 2020. Image credit: Paul Warchol/Artyard.
Sasha Stiles, Cursive Binary: My brain has crawled halfway to my heart. Code poem, 2021, courtesy the artist

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Office Hours: TBA