Art is Poetry & Poetry is Art

with DaSaint

This course explores how the everyday artist is forever writing their life expression through various artistic mediums. Rather you are a visual or literary impressionist these sessions will allow participants to find value in both art forms in seeing how they creatively compliment each other.

March 27th - May 15th

5:30 - 8 pm EST


$1,250 New Student
$1,000 Returning Student

DaSaint is a creative artistic minister and spiritual alchemist who loves to learn about the world, people, and Herself through  everyday life experiences.  DaSaint has been living in Philadelphia since the summer of 2015, by way of Atlanta after completing seminary. She was born and raised in Miami, Florida where most of her family still reside, but proudly represents her ancestral land of Ayiti (Haiti). DaSaint is a lover of words and rhythms, and has been writing poetry and music since high school. She has authored two books, with one currently in development and has also produced several recordings in the past 15 years. Currently, she is building her small production company DaSaintMedia: Curating Cannons for the Culture. During her down time she enjoys a good bottle of red wine and listening to a groove that she can dance to or a quick trip somewhere around the world. Her overall mission for her life comes from the charge given by the late Rev. Dr. Katie G. Cannon, “Do the work that your soul must have.”
AFFILIATION: DASAINTMEDIA – Curating Cannons for the Culture (A production company providing digital resources through various social platforms enhancing the accessibility of one’s business through visual and audio aspects. Also specializes in private commissions for archiving all life’s celebrations.)

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