Art & Gender

Exploring Gender in Art and Life With Amber Imrie

We live in a world organized by gender. As artists this affects the work we make, the opportunities we get, and the lens through which others view our work. As humans, this affects where we go, who we spend our time with, and what human rights we are entitled to receive.

How does the gender binary, or our rejection of it, color the artwork we make and the lives we live? How can we play with gender stereotypes, effectively speak about human rights violations, or simply thrive in the daily grind of our gendered reality?

In this course, artists will workshop their own projects with a cohort of artists also interested in discussing the ways gender frames us and our work. There will be weekly exercises, readings, and breakout sessions for in-depth feedback on developing projects. The exercises will focus on strengthening our creative processes and the readings and watchings will expand our discussions on gender as it relates to art and lives as artists. Culminates in a Public Facing Online Event, details to be decided by course participants.

September 25th - November 6th

1 - 3:30 pm EST

Students Max

$1,250 New Student
$1,000 Returning Student

Amber Imrie is a queer artist, art educator, and founding team member of The Alternative Art School. They received her BA from UC Berkeley and MFA from Stanford University. They’ve been the recipient of many awards, fellowships, and residencies including the Murphy Cadogan Award and Anita Squires Fowler Award in Photography. Amber Founded and was editor-in-chief of the art magazine, Venison Magazine from 2014-2017, ran a pop-up art residency, Camp Venison in 2015. Imrie has taught at a variety of institutions, including UC Berkeley and Stanford University. Since 2020, Amber has worked alongside Nato Thompson building the Alternative Art School. Imrie is developing a new body of artworks centered on queering the rural ‘American South’.

Clean, 2015, Video/ Performance
Bootstrapped, 2021, Video/Performance
Amber Imrie, Redneck, 2021 Performance/Video 6:14 min
PinkPitsRedNecks, 2019 archival pigment ink on cotton, sewing thread / 30 x 52 in - 76 x 132 cm

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