Amber Imrie

Born into communal isolation and raised outside the formal school system, Amber Imrie is a queer visual artist and educator with a passion for creating alternative communities that cultivate a holistic creative learning environment built on compassion and equity.

Imrie was raised off-the-grid in the Ozark Mountains of Northwest Arkansas. Mostly homeschooled, Imrie had tested out of high school, entered community college at sixteen. She received her BA from UC Berkeley and MFA from Stanford University. She’s been the recipient of many awards, fellowships, and residencies including the Murphy Cadogan Award and Anita Squires Fowler Award in Photography. Amber Founded and ran an art magazine called Venison Magazine from 2014-2017, a pop-up residency called Camp Venison, and has facilitated artistic dialogue in and outside of formal education. Imrie has taught at a variety of institutions, including UC Berkeley and Stanford University. Amber is currently a founding team member of The Alternative Art School

Imrie’s art practice draws from their personal narrative and the culture of American Southern rural life from a queer perspective. Imrie has exhibited nationally and internationally and attended several art residency programs both within and outside the United States. Imrie currently lives in Åland Islands, Finland with their partner.