Here We Are, Laid Bare

A TAAS Artlab Exhibition

Here We Are, Laid Bare is the culminating statement from TAAS’s Spring 2022 semester of ArtLab. This online exhibition features works by the following fifteen artists: Lexa Walsh, Laura Malone, Danielle Schlunegger-Warner, Epiphany Couch, Veronica Jackson, Maura Jasper, Laura Winn Clark, Wendy Ackrell, Megan Chiango, Jennifer Booher, Amy Walsh, Linda Duvall, Maria Markham, Lulu Rocka, and Tricia Townes

Through the works presented, each artist exemplifies the theme of the exhibition—as referenced in the phrase “laid bare”—by revealing or uncovering private information, feelings, thoughts, philosophies, personal mantras, etc. As visual artists, this is what we do.

This virtual exhibition is a loop and is ordered in a sequence that presents connections and relationships between each artist's project. Upon entering, the visitor’s journey is guided from one body of work to the next.

The list of artists’ names above and below purposely disrupts the standard system of ordering information and abandons the patriarchal indexing of alphabetizing by last name. These lists reflect the curatorial juxtaposition to approaching the artworks in the exhibition, and like the ArtLab workshop, are non-hierarchical.

Welcome and enjoy!

Here we Are, Laid Bare Exhibition Image
Here We Are, Laid Bare Exhibition Map