Is there financial assistance available?

We are a new school and it is our goal to make TAAS as affordable as possible and every student who pays tuition helps support our fellowship and scholarship program!

Our financial model is simple, we pay our instructors a livable wage, keep a small admin team and apply the remaining portion of tuition dollars to support our TAAS Fellowships and Partial-scholarships. Every session we take your tuition dollars to support our partial-scholarships, which you can submit to with your application on our Apply page.

During our Spring and Fall sessions, we partner with organizations and individuals to host full fellowships open calls. These calls expand our own support capabilities and we are always looking for institutions and individuals interested in partnering. You can find our full fellowships open calls on our website and sign up for our newsletter for keeping up to date. Our Full-fellowship open calls are always location based, and the locations are decided through conversations with our partnered organizations and individuals.

Contact us via our contact page if you would like to know more about scholarship and fellowship opportunities!