Artists on Social Media

A Workshop With Amber Imrie

In this non-hierarchical workshop, artists will discuss what it means to be an artist on social media.

Is it a promotional tool, a peek behind the curtain, a new art medium, a diary of process, a gallery, a portfolio; or can we imagine it as something else entirely? How does it disrupt systemic power structures?
How can the “likes” co-opt creativity? How has it changed art?

Through discussions and direct feedback artists in this class will re-examine their own feed and how it relates to their art practice, goals, and creative voice. As a group we will discuss our relationship with The Feed (the good, the fueling, the mentally draining). This is not a class on how to “brand” yourself, rather it is how to co-opt the space back from capitalism for community and collaboration.

After the first few weeks, artists will start to take over the TAAS instagram, extending our discussions straight to our 8k followers to experiment with what social media can be and do for artists as a community. During the artist takeovers, each post will link to the artist’s own IG account through the collaboration feature.

Office Hours: Wednesdays 11 am - 12 pm EST

Sep 29th - Nov 10th

3:30 - 6 pm EST

Students Max


Amber Imrie is a queer artist, art educator, and founding team member of The Alternative Art School. She received her BA from UC Berkeley and MFA from Stanford University. She’s been the recipient of many awards, fellowships, and residencies including the Murphy Cadogan Award and Anita Squires Fowler Award in Photography. Amber Founded and was editor-in-chief of the art magazine, Venison Magazine from 2014-2017, ran a pop-up art residency, Camp Venison in 2015, and has facilitated critique sessions in and outside formal education. Imrie has taught at a variety of institutions, including UC Berkeley and Stanford University. Since 2020 Amber has worked alongside Nato Thompson building the Alternative Art School. Imrie lives in Åland Islands, Finland, and is developing a new body of artworks centered on queering rural America.

Amber Imrie, Isolation can Insulate or Suffocate, 2018 archival pigment ink on cotton, batting, sewing thread / 58 x 73x 5 in - 185 x 147 x 13cm
Amber Imrie, Redneck, 2021 Performance/Video 6:14 min
Bootstrapped, 2021, Video/Performance
Clean, 2015, Video/ Performance
Hangers, 2019, archival pigment ink on cotton, sewing thread / 31 x 41 in - 79 x 104 cm

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